Whether you are looking for a dance program for fitness, fun & friends or looking to dance competitively, it is important that you invest wisely so that you and your dancer have the best experience possible. We are confident that we will meet, if not exceed, your expectations and be the perfect studio for your family!


What is the Difference? 
Aren't all studios the same?

NO! A dance studio's philosophy, policies and practices are a reflection of the studio owner and their goals for themselves as professionals, for their business, for their dancers, for the dancers' families and for the community. 



The MJPAS Philosophy

Above all else, Miss Jennie's commits to bring you the best in dance classes and related programming in a welcoming, nurturing environment for dancers of all ages and abilities. Participants' healthy development of positive self-esteem, confidence, body image and social interaction show that we value your child's growth and your investment in their arts education. 

At Miss Jennie's, we are a family-run "family" and are thrilled to welcome dancers to be a part of something... something BIG!

Our goal is to encourage and inspire each student to their very best effort and to provide the care, direction and attention by skilled instructors. The entire environment builds a love and passion for the art of dance!

We believe that in building students' self-esteem, self-discipline, self-motivation and determination, we are developing not only a well-rounded dancer, but a well-rounded individual

By providing a positive learning environment and a "family" with strong values of respect and support, we will enable students to take chances, reach higher and be stronger!


Our Curriculum

When children and youth participate in recreational activities, they should be supported to develop physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. What they learn at their dance class provides them with a strong foundation to prepare them for other future experiences!

Through our programming and intent, we strive to provide activities and environments where the participants feel safe, welcome, competent, empowered and special!


The MJPAS Difference

At Miss Jennie's, we pride ourselves on the special things that set us apart from all of the other programs around. From our leadership, program content to the day-to-day implementation, you'll see a marked difference in the level of quality and care at MJPAS - we're sure of it!
Our programs strategically consider: