Our MJPAS staff team has developed an award-winning program.

You'll LOVE being a customer and dancer here because of our professional and artistic excellence!


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Dance education requires a dedicated set of highly qualified and motivated teachers and administration so that you get the most out of your programming! We work year-round to ensure maximum success through our curriculum and delivery.

You're going to feel special and welcome at MJPAS - greeted with a smile in and out of class and supported to reach your full potential. The teachers will meet and manage the participants' needs, challenge them technically and artistically and help them to learn and grow as dancers.

Your teachers are graduates of professional dance teaching accreditation programs, post-secondary graduates of programs in dance and performance, Ontario trained school teachers, award-winning performers and specialists in their disciplines! Dance has played a special part in all of their lives so we encourage you to ask your teacher how they got into dance, what training they have completed and what makes dance so special to them!



Our full-time administration work to keep you well informed, prepared and to welcome your questions, comments and suggestions!

To have a good experience at a studio, you'll want to be well-informed as a parent/guardian so that you know what is coming up and of any notices regarding schedules, fees, costumes, performances, etc. Even if your dancer's teacher is occupied in class, you'll be able to have all of your questions answered by our full time administrators and assistants during studio hours. Someone is always available to take your call, respond to your email or field any questions you might have when the studio is open.

You and your dancers will be welcomed each time you arrive and directed to any pertinent information regarding your child's participation or account.